Dreamers – A different breed

“Lose your dreams, and you might lose your mind” – Mick Jagger.

How apt it has been to start my first blog with a note on dreams. Writing being one of them for me, I’m ecstatic to turn the page and throw some light on my views over a lot of things under the Sun.

Dreams. What a powerful word! You may have always pictured yourself achieving what you always wanted, but something stopped you from getting there. It may have been your family, friends, job, situations or yourself all this while. Dreams grow from within you, through exposure to your environment. Life, as an experience, adds fuel to your ideas and how you want to achieve them. They also have a lot of color and variety from person to person.

A dream creates an inner longing to go after what you desire. But it is so easily ignored, that the effort put in to go after what you want is going to create a sense of utmost satisfaction that nothing can replace. This is where most people lose out – suppressing your dreams by just envisioning it and not actually trying to make it happen. Eventually, all fades away into darkness. You go back to your mundane lives, where breathing is just another chore to be fulfilled.

But what is the base for such dreams to survive? How can a person overcome all obstacles to reach the pinnacle of his/her goals?

Passion is a gift from the heavens for lesser mortals. It’s an amazing emotion that can really drive you to do things that bring out the true essence of life. It keeps your fire burning. Burning bright. If you want something bad, you will have to dig in deep to harness all your focus, and put in your blood, sweat and tears towards your goal. This, cannot be done without passion. When you are really passionate about something, you just can’t pass a single day without thinking about your goal. The more the passion, the more you are obsessed with what you want. This is the key to open doors, which you never thought you could. It can drive you to do the impossible. Thirst for success will take you over the seas that were never sailed.

Dedication, commitment and hard work. Well, I couldn’t stress more on how baseless dreams would be if you did not have these in your life. We all do believe in luck. Ok, well at least most do. Even Lady Luck will shine on you, only if you put your best efforts forward. Even the most impossible goals are made achievable through sheer dedication and hard work. If you are not committed and disciplined enough towards what you want to do, then you will simply never get to the top. In fact, it will be more detrimental to you both emotionally and physically, when you have built great expectations and it takes a dent. With hard work, the horizon seems to get closer and you are more confident of getting there.

When you really want something and you make up your mind, you tend to beat all odds to hit gold. Here, failure is not an option. I’m a passionate person with dreams as well. My passion for music has been undying. It is what that has been helping me to look forward to life. Today, my life would be unimaginable without music. I would not have said the same thing many years ago. But overtime, I have been able to harness my focus and direct it in to music. When the passion overtook me, dedication and hard work followed. This fire is burning bright and blazing like never before, growing everyday into an unquenchable thirst for success. It’s getting psychotic. That’s the power of passion.

Channeling of emotions and setting priorities right is of great concern when it comes to pursuing your dreams. When I started learning the guitar, there was a lot of mockery. People did not believe their eyes when they saw a guitar in my hand, and said – “How many days is this going to last?”. All I did was smile and think of the goal that I had in mind. My passion stood greater than my ego (who doesn’t have ego) at that moment, which helped channel all the emotions into what I wanted. I have met a lot of people in my life, whom I have suggested to build on their dreams as they shared similar interests as mine (playing the guitar). I received a stock answer from all – “I want to do it but I cannot find the time. I’m very busy”. Let me share my stark views on this. Everyone in this world shares the same 24 hours a day that I do. I’m extremely positive that one can find at least thirty minutes in a day to work towards their goals. This goes unchanged for everyone. Imposing ideals on someone is not something that one should do. The individuals’ passion should fuel their efforts, and not your ideals.


One may have many constraints towards doing what they want to, with a lot of people dictating what you need to do in life. However, in the end, it’s your sole happiness that matters. You only have one life to do what you want. Even if you fail to succeed in your endeavors, you will have developed the self-gratification that you have not left any stone unturned to accomplish what you aimed for. No regrets at all. This will give a new meaning to your life, a new beginning. Go out there my friends. Face the difficulties that the world has to throw at you, and swim upstream. Set your sights on your dreams, and never back down. Put all your mind, body and soul and go for it. Work hard and strive towards dedication and discipline, and you will make the impossible, possible. The sky is not the limit! Be passionate. Live passionately.

What’s stopping you today from getting what you want?

Time to finish with some Aerosmith. Dream on!

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