Negativity – Kill it, before it kills you!

We have all gone through tough situations in life that induce negativity in us. These emotions can tear a person apart from the inside. It always brings us
down where we seem to lose it all. Negativity has always been a bane to mankind. It very easy to slip into depression and break yourself. Incidents or the mere environment can bring about this change in oneself. Just being surrounded by people with negative thoughts can be vicious, and break into you mind too. The mind is very strong and capable of entering impossible realms, and very vulnerable if not controlled. It can create thoughts of various scenarios and different intensities in short span of time, causing you to worry. This can, and will affect you

So how does negativity affect you? Both, your mental and physical health gets under strain. You are not able to think clear or focus on your daily routines. Physically, you immunity weakens to a large extent, hence leaving you prone to illness. Just keeping yourself at bay from all such thoughts and emotions will do a great deal of good to you in the long run, both mentally and physically. Emotionally, negativity can send you into a nightmare that you just cannot wake up from. It acts like a leech, sucking the living daylights out of you (and that is after it gets you into the eerie ocean of depression).

Here is a small excerpt from a research on negativity – “Researchers in San Diego examined the death records of almost 30,000 Chinese-Americans and compared them to over 400,000 randomly selected white people. What they found was that Chinese-Americans, but not whites, die significantly earlier than normal (by as much as five years) if they have a combination of disease and birth year which Chinese astrology and Chinese medicine consider ill-fated.”

“The researchers found that the more strongly the Chinese-Americans attached to traditional Chinese superstitions, the earlier they died. When they examined the data, they concluded that the reduction in life expectancy could not be explained by genetic factors, the lifestyle choices or behavior of the patients, the skill of the doctors, or any other variable. The researchers concluded that they died younger not because they have Chinese genes, but because they have Chinese beliefs. They believe they will die younger because the stars have hexed them. And their negative beliefs manifested as a shorter life span.”

Do you know you can get yourself sick, just by thinking you are sick or that you are prone to some disease? Yes, negativity is that dangerous (scientifically proven, I tell you). I once again quote, the mind is an extremely strong tool and is capable of more things than you could imagine. If trained well, you can even heal your own body through your mind (read about Healing Meditation), and get rid of all ailments. So why let you mind loose and wander on unwanted thoughts that are only detrimental to you? Sounds like you are killing yourself for no absolute reason.

Getting to the flipside. Positivity, the kryptonite of all negative emotions. As per scientist Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, in order to reduce negativity and bring in harmony into body and mind, we need to experience at least three positive emotions for every negative one. She adds that this can be done intentionally for those of us who are usually less positive in thought processes.  These positive emotions actually reverse the physical effects of negativity and help the individual to build a happier and enriching life. Being and thinking positive, comes at no cost. So why the hassle? Positivity helps to create a more thoughtful outlook at life, which can create long lasting resilience towards floating into negativity.

However, in our agenda to stay vigilant in a ‘dangerous environment’, that could cause loss to life, wealth, etc., we tend to over exaggerate on looking at things from all possibilities. This includes negative outcomes, which subconsciously gains more foothold on your mind. This is more of a survival tendency built in the human mind, but it can be avoided with practice.

However, I have come across some people in my life who have managed to turn the tables and use these emotions to their advantage. It requires a lot of will power and focusing your mind to achieve just one single thing – success. This can happen only when you are at ground zero and have nothing else to lose. You can focus on the outcomes, fueled by the negativity of the failures/incidents of your past. Very possible indeed.

So why fret over life and create chaos that never settles, while you can stay positive and spread love 🙂

Have a great day!

And while you are at it, listen to some happy songs 🙂

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