On Proton Triad – An interview with my alter ego

It’s been quite a while since I has posted something, stuck in between my music, work et al. Amidst all the chaos of life, my music has been the North Star that guides me through the darkest times till this very day. It takes my mind in to different realm,

which words cannot express, giving rise to an alter ego! Yes, many folks have watched me at gigs and have later mentioned, on how they see a completely different me on stage. Well, I have never really noticed it myself because when I’m up there, I don’t play the music. It’s the music that plays me. It flows through me, and flows out. A different kind of high that I cannot explain. It’s a thing of my mind; a mind that has a full-fledged carnival running all night and day, seven days a week, all year round. So I’ll let you in on a quick peek in to my later main project, Proton Triad.

Proton Triad has been my brainchild, searching for the right musicians for years and then it just happened. They all fell in place like a jigsaw puzzle. So who else to ask more about Proton Triad than my alter ego?! Introducing **drumroll**, Mr. Maxi!

So, how long has it been since you started playing music?

Ah, how many times will I be asked this question? Ok, it’s been quite a while. Started singing in a choir in school and had stopped for a while. Got back in to music in college with some rock and then picked up the guitar around 2008 and never turned back since.

Sounds very normal. Tell me something more exciting. How did Proton Triad come about?

Oh so you want exciting? I’ll give you exciting. On a sunny morning, I picked up my book of spells and cast one over the skies. The clouds hovered over my house and the thunder shredded my ears. I was immediately petrified by the sight of an apparition that ordered me to go a distant land that was across the seven seas, called J.P Nagar. I was to enter a dungeon called Office where a spirit would show me a door, a door with two paths. Each path would lead to two beasts, not of this world. I took the path on my left first. The walk was quite painstaking, a long one indeed, filled with a lot of deadly creatures that were out to get me. At the end of the path was a tall, slender beast with the grin of an imp, who danced around a fire like the world was about to end. On the second path was the other beast, who sat in the darkness and meditated to the level of levitation. Music played from the heavens above him. He told me that he was to meet me as he had prophesized. Took both the beasts on my back and cast a teleportation spell to warp back to my lair called the studio where we began making history. Exciting enough?

Haha yes it was. Well tell us something about the music that you’ll play?

Well, I was hoping this question didn’t come up. I was dreading this! We play too many things to be terming our music under something. Its primarily been Rock and Blues. Please don’t ask me this again? I’ll treat you.


Pic – The Triad at one of our jam sessions. L to R – Noel, Allan (Meeeeee), Vijay


We have heard your original compositions with the band. Tell us something about them.

Hmmm… Originals. It’s like they are a part of me, a part of my mind taking form in to something more beautiful. Let me tell you the story behind some of our original compositions:

  • Psychotic Love – Vijay’s (our lead guitarist) most hated song. Because it was written after a crush I had. Or was it more than that? Can I have a beer? It’s been a crowd favorite though
  • Find My Way – Well this was some ultimate frustrations making their way out of me. All I could do was, channel them to get out in one way only, music. The groove is here to stay, hallelujah! The gig always ends with Find My Way
  • Maniac Woman – Vijay and Noel (our drummer) wanted me to write a song about a woman, AC DC style. And that’s what I did. Well, little did I know this would start to be referred to Noel’s crush? Anyway, one of my favorite songs. Sets my heart racing. Sure it will have the same effect on you. Wanna listen babe?
  • When You Leave – Another love number. I’m sick of writing love songs, but that’s one thing I’m good at. But this was an exception. I had written this song good 4 years back and pulled it out when the band was formed.
  • Serenade Blues – Well it all started with a riff that Vijay wrote. He wanted a song on serenading a woman and that’s exactly what he got, Serenade blues. Funky and suave. Well, all it needed was some good old Café Americano, and a view of the world from the 11th floor. Worked well didn’t it? Would it have worked better with some beer? Can I have more beer please?

Where do you see this band going?

We are here to make music and that is what have been doing, are doing and will be doing. I will be making more original music by the way. I want to ban covers soon! In the words of Noel – “ We are gonna rule the world!!!”.

Any words to the world and your fans?

Oh hell yeah m*%$#@&*(?)@^s, I’m coming for you. And this time, I’m f*&$^@g serious about it. I’m coming to get your soul, because it belongs to me. It belongs to my music. I’m on a journey to find myself and a meaning for life. And now I’m hungry.

Last but not the least, enjoy one of our songs – Find My Way. Bon Appetite.

(P.S. Don’t mind the bad audio quality please? I’ll get you a better sounding one later)

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