A song to remember – The Third Eye

Ah it feels so good to back posting something on the blog. This time, I have dug up something from the grave to present to you. While at the peak of Buffer Zone (one of my bands), I had written a very eerie song. It came to me in a whiff and I just wrote down what came to my mind quickly. This probably was the quickest song I wrote, in maybe a couple of minutes. The Third Eye is an interesting topic that you can read about. It’s shrouded by a lot of mystery, which intrigued me to write this song. An song inspired by the Third Eye and Shiva – presenting to you the Third Eye:

The Mystic crawls in dark shadows,

With keys to inner realms.

The Mystic speaks of inner wisdom,

With truth beyond the blind eyes.

From the powers of the sixth wheel,

Hidden mysteries truly unfold.

The psychic lights beyond your sight,

listens to the Godly voice.

I will put you in a trance,

With my Third Eye!

I will burn you in a glance,

with my Third Eye.

Oh and not to forget, here is a video of Buffer Zone playing this song LIVE 🙂

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